The Crockett Community Foundation has identified the need to establish standing committees of the Foundation to perform various duties on behalf of the CCF Board.  Each Committee consists of not more than three Board members.  The public is encouraged to get involved.  To find out more information about how to join one of our committees, please call 787-9708.

1.  RULES AND REGULATIONS COMMITTEE – Responsible for recommending internal rule changes, and advising the Board on applicable rules and regulations which govern Foundation functions and actions.

2.  COMMUNITY OUTREACH/MEMBERSHIP DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE – Responsible for membership development and establishing community outreach programs.

3.  PROJECT FUNDING COMMITTEE – Responsible for developing procedures for, and making recommendations regarding, the project funding process.

4.  FINANCE COMMITTEE – Responsible for preparing the annual operating budget, overseeing the Foundation’s financial planning process, and conducting investment oversight.

5. EVENTS COMMITTEE – Responsible for organizing and executing special events and activities.

6. RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE – Responsible for efforts to develop additional funding sources

7. ELECTION COMMITTEE – Responsible for oversight and review of the election process and making recommendations for future elections.

8. LORING AVENUE COMMITTEE – Responsible for maintenance and improvements to 444 Loring Avenue

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